Bronze Statue by J Berthoz

This is a beautiful heavy bronze statue by the French sculpter J Berthoz who was born in Paris. Signed on the base. Postage costs will be high due to the weight.

Including Postage

Original Harry Eliott Set of 5 Monk Prints

These all tell quite an amusing story of two monks, which go through the five pictures. They are all framed and measure 7.5″ in length by 10″ in height. Harry was a French artist born in 1882. A French cartoonist & illustrator, he was the son of a lithographer and loved England.

Price Including Postage

Signed Douglas Books x 2

These are two original books both written and signed by the author Eric Thompson. They were published in 1971, and Eric has even drawn a Dougal inside one of the front covers. They are in lovely condition for their age, and bring back some nostalgic memories!

Price Including Postage